A bed is not complete without the right bedding!

At Sleepy's we believe that your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to rejuvenate and heal your body through a great night's sleep. It is your oasis away from all the pollution, noise, and daily routines...your special place all your own. With that in mind, Sleepy's offer a beautiful range of healthier bedding accessories with the emphasis on less chemicals and offgassing. No formyldehydes in our bed linens!!

We are striving to add more green, natural, and organic options for you and your bedroom everyday. A healthier and more comfortable you is our goal! Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Pure Wool, Pure Silk, Tencel, Linen, and Cotton are what you will find in our bedding department.

Sleepy's offer you a wide range of the best pillows you will find in the Okanagan. Our duvets, toppers, sheet sets, and mattress protectors are also unique to the region. Our top of bed program offers sustainable and eco friendly duvet covers that are made to add beauty to your room without harsh chemicals. A wide range of prints and solids are available to dress up your bed and bedroom. Sleepy's are your natural sleep solution!

Here is a brief rundown of some of the products we carry, and why we recommend them for a great night's sleep!


 The World's Best Pillow is Now Here!!!


PROTECT-A-BED has just released the World's Best Pillow! - It works for anyone! - It's adjustable! pillow for everyone! It's the r.e.m.-Fit adjustable pillow with the bonus of a pure Tencel pillow protector included. Tencel is made from Eucalyptus fibre and is completely natural. This natural pillow protector is waterproof, dust mite proof, bed bug proof and it stretches and breathes. Made with a special flap that allows the air to escape (unlike traditional pillow protectors) and zippered to allow you to wash & dry it. This protector allows you to keep the pillow longer and it never needs washing. It stops your body oils and perspiration from hitting the pillow, which is the main reason most pillows do not last a long time.

The pillow offers a zippered closure that has a special tunnel, allowing the user to adjust the firmness by removing the super soft micro fibres until you reach your desired firmness. They even have a special marked bag to store the excess in until needed again.




NEW: Clinically Proven to Increase Circulation and Oxygen Levels in Your Tissues


Celliant Technology: PureCare®, the leader in health and wellness in the sleep products protection industry, have combined our specially designed OmniGuard® Advance fabric with Celliant® fibers - the world’s first responsive textile with clinically proven benefits to the human body. Celliant absorbs and stores energy emissions from the human body and releases them into the skin and deep muscle tissue, increasing capillary size and circulation, which aids in natural biological processes that allow the body to reduce minor aches and pains, heal faster and sleep better, all leading to an overall increase in performance and an overall improved sense of health. Celliant works equally well through any type of covering including multiple layers of sheeting or clothing, laminated or waterproof fabrics, or synthetic pillowcases. Create a healthier sleep environment with PureCare, and Enhance Your Life™ with Celliant wellness performance fibers.


 Top of

 Sleepy's offer a wide selection of luxurious bed linens in styles from funky to traditional. Duvet covers, soft sheets, luxurious duvets, shams, skirts, and assorted toss cushions for the top of your bed.

 Sleepy's offer a wide selection of luxurious bed linens in styles from funky to traditional. Duvet covers, soft sheets, luxurious duvets, shams, skirts, and assorted toss cushions for the top of your bed. Please call for pricing? 

                                          Here are some of our A' LaMode Home bedding selections........ 


                                                         Click here to check out all of the New Fall/Winter Arrivals 

                                                     Here are some of our Highland bedding selections........ 


                                                    Click here to check out all of the New Fall/Winter Arrivals  


A good pillow is necessary for proper neck support, especially if you've already had problems with your back, neck or shoulders. If you find yourself waking up tired and sore instead of happy and rested, you should update your pillow, ESPECIALLY if it is lumpy, bumpy, or you find yourself folding it in half for more support. There is a direct correlation between the mattress you sleep on and the pillow you use. 

 PureCare Plush Soft Latex Pillow - Our Best Seller!

The PureCare® Plush Soft Latex Pillow - The perfect pillow that redefines comfort and health - and is specially crafted to enhance your sleep environment. Only PureCare Plush natural latex pillows start with the softest bamboo rayon based velour covers, before receiving a unique application of silver ions that locate and deactivate bacteria, while suppressing the reproduction of dust mites and other allergens. Our latex foam pillows actively contour and support the shoulders and neck, offering superior comfort and pressure relief. 

NovoTech MicroGel Pillow:
Inexpensive "customer referred" pillow with a downlike feel that can be shape shifted. Available in plush, medium, & firm for different types of sleep positions. Long lasting loft & feel!

Novopure Oodles pillows at Sleepy's - The Mattress Store Ironman Celliant pillow:
Clinically proven to reduce aches & pains, increase oxygen levels in the muscle tissue & help balance body temperature.
  • Reduced swelling & fatigue
  • Promotes healing & muscle recovery
  • Improved overall circulation
  • Increased alertness when waking
Check out for more information.

 Pure Organic Wool All Season Duvet 

Superbly soft and warm Australian Organic wool, encased in an organic percale cotton cover. This Kouchini duvet is ideal for those cold nights and works to climatize to the sleeper even on hot nights. Best duvet available


Novopure Talalay Contour Pillow at Sleepy's - The Mattress Store
     Features :



  Sizes: Twin, Double, Queen, King, Super King

Protect-a-bed has been protecting mattresses for over 30 years and they offer a range of price points that include a 10 year warranty on their mattress protectors. Also, if you purchase your mattress at the same time....there is an added insurance policy that covers you against the protector failing and they will clean or replace your mattress at no charge to you. Available in Classic, Plush, or Aller-Zip (BugLock) which encases the whole mattress to keep dust mites, moisture, and bed bugs out!


A well priced mattress protector, the NovoShield will insure the life of your mattress by keeping spills and stains off your mattress, and protecting you from harmful allergens like skin dust, and dust mites. We recommend the NovoShield Mattress Protector by Novo Textiles! It protects you from dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, spills, stains, while still being breathable and 100% waterproof. A must-have when purchasing a new mattress!

NovaShield Mattress Protectors at Sleepy's - The Mattress Store



There are a few things to consider when buying sheets for your bed: size, color, feel, and materials. We carry all sizes, colors, comforts and quality! From our 100% certified organic cotton Novopure sheets to our pure high quality Bamboo or Egyptian Cotton Sheets to the simpler Athena 250 thread count 60/40 Cotton & Polyester sheets. We have so many options! 250 - 1000 true thread counts.

For you higher thread count enthusiasts...maybe it's time to rethink the whole thread count thing? Did you know that there are beautiful luxurious 200 thread count sheets out there? Also, did you know the higher the count....the less the linens breathe? It's true! For example, you buy the most luxurious natural duvet comforter and then cover it in a tight weave non breathable (natural or synthetic) duvet cover and you are not allowing the duvet to breathe, regulate temperature, or to wick moisture away from your body! 

Come in and talk to Sleepy's bed linen experts to learn what is best for your body, health and what will induce deeper sleeps........

5. Duvets & Blankets

Most people sleep with a blanket, comforter or duvet, depending on preference. But it is the duvet that gives you an attractive bed, which is the focal point of the bedroom, offers quick change by allowing you to dress up your bed by the change of a duvet cover. The main function of a duvet is to keep you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter-which is accomplished the easiest with a pure organic  Wool duvet by Gainsborough.
Or you could opt for a pure silk duvet which is light weight, naturally hypoallergenic, and has insulating properties similar to down. Or if you prefer a more budget conscious option, without foregoing quality, a simple NovoSuite cluster ball fibre duvet, or NovoSuite Gel Fibre Blanket would work just as well!

Wool Duvet Cluster Ball Fibre Duvet  

 NEW! Keep Cool with our New Selection of Pure Silk Duvets


           And this is only a small part of what we carry! Plus...the best prices on bed linens in the Valley!

We also have: The largest selection of natural and organic premium bedding in the Valley, Pure Wool Overlays, Mattress Toppers (including latex, bio & memory foam), Bedskirts, Coverlets, Comforters, and much much more!

If you're looking for kid's bedding, we have great discounted deals on our floor (including some bed-in-a-bag's and marked down twin & double sheet sets), so come on in and take a look!

   If you would like to enquire about any of the products seen here, please call us at 250-868-2337 or  Email us

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