New Announcement! The FDA and Health Canada have now deemed the Ironman Pure Energy mattresses as Class I – Registered Medical Devices

This new designation is based on proven clinical data – double blind studies – MD’s, Universities, and Sleep Clinic trials – client testimonials – pure science

Increase in blood flow – increase of oxygen in the tissues – less aches and pains – deeper sleeps – quicker recovery – speeds up healing



NEW!! Pure Energy Ironman T3 Recovery Mattress

Enhance your Sleep - Recover Faster - Enhance your Health

"This is the Best Health Mattress I have sold in my 30 years in the sleep business"
- Owner: Geoff McLeary


The Pure Energy Ironman Mattress is not just for athletes! Do you wake up with aches & pains? Do you suffer from Diabetes? Arthritis? Fibromyalgia? Circulation issues? Sleep Apnea? Do you sleep hot? Are you tossing & turning at night?

If so, the Ironman Mattress is for you! Sleep Deeper - Feel Better!! Clinically proven efficacy endorsed by Ironman Sleep Products and is now deemed a Registered Medical Device – Class I by Health Canada and the FDA.

When it comes to sleep, you deserve the best mattress for your body! Come in for a test rest and take advantage of our Introductory Pricing and Upgraded Sleep Guarantee. Click here for more information!

Pure Energy Ignite Series

Pure Energy Radiance Series

Pure Energy Natural Series

Advanced Technology

IRONMAN mattress materials have been clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the body. Not only can this oxygen improve sleep, it is even known to reduce pain. Whether you are an athlete or simply someone who wants to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep, these mattresses are among your best options and your Surrey mattress store is pleased to offer them!

Recover Faster

Athletics and workouts take a toll on our body even when people are extremely fit. The muscles need to repair themselves and the body as a whole needs to recover from the strenuous activity of the day. These mattresses are designed to promote recovery so that the body feels its best upon waking up each day.

IRONMAN Approved

The IRONMAN stamp of approval is revered world-wide. These mattresses are ideal for athletes of all kinds–even IRONMEN! Talk to our helpful staff to find out more about My Recovery Mattresses and how they can provide a superior night’s sleep.


Hi Geoff! Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our new Ironman T3 Recovery Mattress. My back is doing so much better and Don who has been on prescription sleeping pills for several years is now off them completely! [He just quit them cold turkey and is sleeping like a baby]. Needless to say we are thrilled with our decision to go for the T3 Recovery as our health is worth it.

Thanks to you and your crew.


Ellie and Don Charbonneau


[two very happy customers]

Hi Carling,


Just a quick note to let you know of our experience with the Ironman Mattress. To start off we felt that the mattress didn't require any "Break In" period (jumping & or running on) before climbing on for our first nights sleep. As the nights have been turning a bit cooler (and the fact we have been using a heated water bed for many, many years) we hoped for, but were not 200% sure the mattress would be able to replace the same warmth we had been used to. Fortunately our own reflected body heat has been able to completely replace the water bed heater generally within 30 seconds of hitting the cooler sheets. It is still amazing how quickly you feel warm & cozy. An added bonus is that we will be cutting down on our hydro bill by removing the heater. Although we have only been enjoying the comfort & "warmth" of the mattress for just over a week now we have noticed some improvements.                          My wife injured her foot a number of years ago and it has always felt a bit stiff when she first gets up in the morning.......however.......since the very first night sleep on the new mattress she has managed to arise in the morning without any stiffness. We are looking forward to enjoying the many benefits to using this mattress over the next number of years.


** P.S. ** The only Negative thing that I feel we have to let you know about has to do with the fact we are flying to Mexico tomorrow morning & the restrictions to our carry on baggage will not allow us to take the mattress along for the ride!! As always, many thanks for your assistance with our purchase.


Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.




Wayne & Bonnie Conolly

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