Does your mattress beckon to you? Do you wake feeling refreshed? Do you really love your bed?

If not, you and your body deserve to make the change! Wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, breathe easier, and feel good knowing you have invested in a mattress that offers the longest lifespan over any other mattress!

Nature's Embrace Unison 100% Certified Organic Natural Latex Mattress - Pure Ahhhhhhh!
Made in Canada...with all Organic & Natural products.....the Unison Latex mattress offers the sleeper so many great features, it's hard to list them all. But we'll give it a try......
  • Pure USDA Certified Organic Natural Latex - made pure from the sap of the rubber tree.
The source of your new latex mattress is key. Nature's Embrace sources their natural latex from a certified organic rubber tree farm and is made in Vancouver, BC. Certified by 8 different bodies to prove these mattresses are trully organic, pure, and natural. Most Asian made latex is blended with fillers (sand, clay, or silicone) to bulk the latex out so it is heavier, as latex is sold by the weight overseas. The Unison Latex Mattress is Pure Organic ! Offering 100% Certified Natural Latex that is available in different ILD's (firmness rating) so you can pick the support and comfort you need.
Sleepy's will only offer PURE latex to our customers!
  • Pure Natural Untreated Wool - quilted into a true 100% Certified Organic Cotton high quality cover.
Wool & latex work very well together in climatizing the mattress. Wool draws (wicks away) moisture away from your body making you dry and therapeutically warm in any affected areas on your body. It is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It regulates the temperature of each sleeper. Not too thick of wool is used, so no compacting in the sleeper's areas.  
  • Pure 100% Certified Organic Cotton Fabric - your natural choice.
Fabric is a very important part of your new mattress. Organic Cotton keeps you cooler and puts you in a more natural sleeping atmosphere. The type of fabric that covers your mattress can enhance the overall feel of your mattress as well. Beware of imitation Organic Cotton...if it's a stretch knit, it's not 100% Certified Organic Cotton!  
  • Comfort is a personal preference - Ultimate in pressure relief.
Pressure points will be non existant and you will be absorbed into the support of the mattress for more comfort to your shoulders and hips. Latex is naturally ergonomic in the way it cradles your body....every point being touched...every point feels like zero gravity. Unlike conventional mattresses...latex will not change and compress....offering you the longest lasting comfort available in the marketplace. No body impressions either!  
  • Support - The Layered Effect - The Science of Ergonomic Support.
The support core of the mattress is 5 zoned to better fit your body and provide support and longevity in the areas required....less firm on the shoulders and more support to the lumbar. The Unison offers the best in the layered effect where each sleeper will be absorbed into the support of the mattress for who they are. Available in medium, medium firm, firm, and extra firm models. Available in 6", 8" or 10" thicknesses. Any latex mattress over 10" is a waste of your money and will be too heavy to move.


Pure Talalay Latex Mattresses by Sleepy's

The Ergo Ultra Latex Sleep Mattress 




The NEW Ergo Ultra Latex Sleep - Pure Talalay Latex

Sleepy's are the Natural Choice for your New Latex Mattress.


New! We have just added two new latex hybrid mattresses to shore up our Ergonomic Latex Collection that offer step down price points from our all latex sleep sets. You just have to try them!  


Come into Sleepy's and let us customize your new mattress for you!

We are the only store that will make a new latex mattress designed for you and your budget.



Designed and customized by Sleepy's - The Ultra Latex Sleep 8" and 10" pure latex mattress offers only the best Talalay latex by Talalay Global. Made in North America, you are assured of having a pure product with no additives. The latex is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 rated for zero off gassing, is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and is anti-fungal. Talalay Global is the only maker of latex that tests their cores 9 times to confirm quality in their latex. Talalay latex will outlast any other substance available in mattresses and the Ultra Latex Sleep offers a full 20 year full non prorated guarantee!



In our design, we utilize a variety of ILD's (firmness rating for latex) to create a perfect union of pressure relief, conformity, and support in any firmness for any sleeper. Finished with a high quality Organic Cotton cover, there is nothing between you and the extraordinary comfort provided by this new ergonomically designed latex mattress. Available in all sizes including custom. Come in and visit Sleepy's Latex Department, talk to our latex guru, Geoff McLeary, and let's get started on designing your best night's sleep ever! Sleepy's are so confident that you will love your new Ultra Latex Sleep Mattress that we offer you a full 120 night comfort trial. This is the "WOW" Bed....PURE AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Handmade Pure & Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses - Made in Canada 


Sleep Healthy!

At Sleepy’s, we sell quality latex mattresses and mattress toppers, and we're passionate about them. We want you to experience the benefits of sleeping on latex and how much it can improve your sleep and impact your life. Our mattress products are quality made with natural materials.

Many of our customers in the Kelowna and surrounding area are interested in choosing a natural sleep product, but they come to our store uncertain of what a latex mattress is. Latex is a natural material and is harvested from treesin a sustainable process that is similar to how maple syrup is harvested in Eastern Canada. Beyond the organic nature of latex, a latex mattress can offer many healthful benefits.

Sprout latex mattresses provide a comfortable and supportive sleep surface by conforming to your body, offering support where needed to help keep your spine aligned. These natural latex beds offer freedom of movement and cushion for pressure points like hips and shoulders. Natural latex is dust mite, mildew, and mold resistant consequently relieving allergies and allowing you to have a much sounder, and less congested sleep.

Sprout latex mattresses are covered in natural cotton and wool which meet the flame retardant guidelines without using toxic chemicalsthat are used in foam products that can lead to health problems. The other benefit of cotton and wool is that it will help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Sprout AllNatural Materials
Sprout Thoughtfully Engineered
Sprout BuiltToLast

There are so many benefits to sleeping on a latex mattress! The health, comfort, and versatility options are just three important factors that you might consider when choosing a mattress for you and your loved ones. Contact Sleepy’s today to chat about what is right for your bedroom and lifestyle!



Why buy a latex mattress? Here's the features and benefits of our pure latex mattresses 
  • Reduces pressure points by up to 90% therefore reducing tossing & turning. Zero Gravity Comfort!
  • Longest lasting material used in mattresses today. 20 year full guarantee is offered on our Talalay Latex.
  • Sleepy's only offer the best in Pure latex...nothing made in Asia. No additives or fillers.
  • Open cell structure allows the latex to breathe and makes it cooler in summer / warmer in winter.
  • Perforations allow fresh air ventilation so the sleeper never gets hot or sweaty. SLEEP COOLER!
  • Available in a variety of firmnesses - let Sleepy's customize your new mattress.
  • Inhibits dust mites, bacteria, molds, mildew, fungus and spores...allowing you to breathe easier...literally.
  • Talalay latex is the most comfortable surface you can sleep on. (better than memory foam)
  • Talalay latex offers the sleeper superior orthopedic support. Our zoned core enhances that.
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. You cannot be allergic to latex as all the proteins from the rubber tree are washed out of the latex after it is processed.
  • Instantly reacts to your body's movement for better mobility for the sleeper. Unlike memory foam.....
  • Latex will contour to your body and provide less motion transfer than even pocket coil type mattresses.
  • Investing in a latex mattress may cost abit more than a traditional mattress, but overall is less expensive because you will be able to sleep on it 2 or 3 times as long without noticing hardly any deterioration on a year to year basis.
  • We lose a pint of moisture from our bodies each nite, so wool is a great addition to any latex mattress. Wool wicks away that moisture keeping the sleeper dry and therapeutically warm...when you get out of bed, the moisture is released into the atmosphere. The natural ventilation of the latex keeps the wool fresh as well.

         Make Your Existing Mattress More Inviting with a Pure Latex Topper

                           From Nature to your Bedroom - What Could Be More Natural?



                Is your mattress too firm? Are you getting pressure points? Do you sleep hot?

You may need a topper, but not just any topper. Pure Latex Mattress Toppers are the only material that you can put on top of your bed and have it totally reduce your pressure while still offering support. Memory foam toppers "melt" your body through the foam and into whatever is firmer below it, creating a warmer surface and reducing your mobility. Latex breathes, does not off gas, and creates a buffer between your body and a too hard surface.

Sleepy's offer latex toppers in all sizes and thicknesses, with or without covers, and in either Talalay (most preferred) or Dunlop processes. Call the Sleepy's latex expert for more information. We will give you good advice based on body weights and sizes, the firmness of your existing mattress and what firmness to choose based on your comfort preference. We do not offer prices online due to the many variables we can offer you.


  Hi Geoff: Just wanted to let you know I am loving the topper. Also being that I am scent sensitive, I am loving that it has no smell. I didn’t have to air it out, I could use it right away. Thank you for your great service. If anybody around here needs a topper, I definitely will send them your way. Thanks again and Merry Christmas, Debra

    Lay Your Head Down on a Luxurious and Supportive Pure Latex Pillow

 Breathable - Luxurious - Supportive - Anti-Microbial - Pressure Relieving - Long Lasting

 We Offer a Range of Awesome Pure Latex Pillows!

Sleepy's offer a range of Pure Latex Pillows that are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Pure cotton terri and wool, bamboo with silver technology, or just pure cotton is used in the covering of these fine pillows. Available in plush, medium, or firm feels. Latex pillows will conform and support at the same time. They offer fresh air flow through so you are breathing fresh clean air and it is not hot and toxic like most memory foam pillows. They are anti-microbial so you can breathe easier without the existance of dust mites or bacteria. Latex pillows will outlast all other pillows by more than 3 to 1, which makes them a wise investment. Come on in and test one out today?!

NEW INTRODUCTION: Zoned Natural Latex Pillows with superior neck support. 

         Sleepy's are the Latex Experts! We know Latex.....We sleep on Latex......We believe in Latex!!!

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(Did you know that your mattress doubles in weight over 10 years with skin dust, dust mites, dust mite fecal deposits and other things we won’t discuss here?)

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