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At Sleepy's, we strive to create happy clients by filling their needs. Here are a few testimonials from customers that are pleased with our products and service. Our hope is to add you to our ever growing list of satisfied Sleepy's shoppers!

"We love Sleepy"s Mattress Store!! We had a surprise guest arrive ( Nothing New in Kelowna ) & Sleepy"s not only found us a beautiful new kind of mattress, but they delivered it the same day!! KUDOS! KUDOS! to SLEEPY'S! WE LOVE IT!!"
Lynne Davidson
Hi Geoff

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new latex mattress and bed frame. Not only does it look fabulous but we have been sleeping great. Thanks again.
Michelle Rennie
Dear Geoff:

My wife, Yvonne, is the modern day equivalent of the Princess who could detect a pea under a mattress. She can detect the slightest faultbe it too hard, too soft, too great a tendency to form hollows and lumps and whatever other defects there may be in mattresses. As a result I have lost count of the number of mattresses that have graced our bed in the past few years.
I believe she has finally found the perfect mattress. Your latex mattress is marvellous. Yvonne no longer complains of shoulder pains, I have less back trouble and we both sleep more comfortably.
The fact your latex mattresses can be custom made to suit individual needs and tastes makes them a great choice for everyone. The fact they do not have a memory and do not take on set contours makes them a great, long term investment.
I thank you for the time you invested in helping us chose the bed that is just right for us.
Doug Bicknell
Hi Geoff

Thank you for taking such great care of us and for your expertise - we love our new twin beds. Best wishes for great health, joy, and abundance for 2012.
Susan & Dave Kenny (Neurvana)

Thank you for the magnitude of your action of giving and reaching out to us and helping with our call of need.
Your gift of the beds will give us the peaceful rest we are in need of.
Leane & CindyLou

Just had to take a moment to tell you how much better my sleep has been on our new adjustable bed and mattress. Waking up in the morning with no more severe back aches is a pleasure I never expected to feel again.
Thanks for taking care of our bed purchase.
Pete Fuller (West Kelowna)
Hi Geoff,

Nice to meet you and a pleasure doing business with you today. It is refreshing to find someone that knows so much about their products and is willing to give people a fair deal. You don't see that much any more as everyone is trying to maximize their bottom lines, often at the expense of customer satisfaction. Anyways, the other bedroom suites I was interested in are the Porter and Leighton by Ashley....please provide quotes on these.
Love to hear from you,
Hal Metcalfe (Calgary, Alta)
Hi Geoff!

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our new Ironman T3 Recovery Mattress. My back is doing so much better and Don who has been on prescription sleeping pills for several years is now off them completely! [He just quit them cold turkey and is sleeping like a baby]. Needless to say we are thrilled with our decision to go for the T3 Recovery as our health is worth it. Thanks to you and your crew.
Ellie and Don Charbonneau [two very happy customers]
Dear Geoff:

I just have to let you know how pleased we are with our new bed purchase and the professional service we received!!
Your website was very helpful to us as well and is what led us to you !
Your sales staff left us well informed about our purchase and your delivery staff were excellent !!!
It is so great to buy a BC made product too !!
Thank you so much for everything.
Miki and Devon Taylor
I experienced this expertise first hand. Since I live in whiterock I had to trust and rely on it. All I did was make a call to Sleepy's Mattress, explained my "sleep issues" and described what I was sleeping on. After answering a lot of questions, I was told my options. Knowing absolutely nothing about these products I asked the "expert" to please recommend what he thought would be best for me. He did and I went with it!! 6 days later I had my products delivered to my door at exactly the time I was told I would Geoff was right on with what I needed....I am loving my sleep system now!! My latex topper and new pillow are perfect. All this transpiring over a long distance phone call.....THAT'S A SLEEP EXPERT!
Darlene Beauchamp Thomas
Hey Geoff, Just wanted you to know the kids loved the bed Smile and we loved that the couch was gone! Great job! Awesome service my parents were blown away Thanks
Gen and Family
Crazy dreams, Best sleeps with deep recovery.... So excited about my T3 Ironman bed thanks to Sleepy's Mattress Jeff for hooking me up with one of the single most important factors in a healthy spine. I am a very active mid- 20's male shooting for a spot with the Pro's in Mens Physique Pro division in Canada. The re-occurring injuries seemed to heal so much quicker with out the late night tossing and turning pressure points. I found myself falling asleep and waking up in the same position not a movement ( that's a deep sleep!!!) I regret not buying one of these mattresses sooner. The best customer service with premium top quality beds you can not beat what Jeff has for real. Even if its not a T3 Ironman, Stop in and go chat with him he will steer you in the best direction for you and your partner. Quality sleep is not a wish any more. Thanks Jeff you are the man.
Brett Godin
Hi Carling,

Just a quick note to let you know of our experience with the Ironman Mattress. To start off we felt that the mattress didn't require any "Break In" period (jumping & or running on) before climbing on for our first nights sleep. As the nights have been turning a bit cooler (and the fact we have been using a heated water bed for many, many years) we hoped for, but were not 200% sure the mattress would be able to replace the same warmth we had been used to. Fortunately our own reflected body heat has been able to completely replace the water bed heater generally within 30 seconds of hitting the cooler sheets. It is still amazing how quickly you feel warm & cozy. An added bonus is that we will be cutting down on our hydro bill by removing the heater. Although we have only been enjoying the comfort & "warmth" of the mattress for just over a week now we have noticed some improvements. My wife injured her foot a number of years ago and it has always felt a bit stiff when she first gets up in the morning.......however.......since the very first night sleep on the new mattress she has managed to arise in the morning without any stiffness. We are looking forward to enjoying the many benefits to using this mattress over the next number of years. ** P.S. ** The only Negative thing that I feel we have to let you know about has to do with the fact we are flying to Mexico tomorrow morning & the restrictions to our carry on baggage will not allow us to take the mattress along for the ride!! As always, many thanks for your assistance with our purchase. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.
Wayne & Bonnie Conolly



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