Ghost Bed Massage mattress

Introducing the GhostBed Massage Mattress for an unparalleled relaxation experience.

Handmade by Kluft Mattresses

All New Collection of Handmade Aireloom by Kluft Mattresses. Take advantage of our Introductory prices on these brand new sleepmakers.

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The All New Innovative Murphy Cabinet Bed
On Sale Now and only at Sleepy’s

The Pure Energy Sleep System (TM)

Clinically proven to offer the sleeper bona fide enhanced health benefits such as deeper sleep, less aches and pain, faster recovery, better circulation and increased oxygen to tissues.

Wake Ready with
Performance Pillows

Engineered for better sleep, we’ve designed the pillow that fits your body type, sleep position, and temperature preference.

Health forward, bedroom furniture and mattress store

With over 40 years’ experience in the bedroom business, we present high-quality mattresses, pillows, bedroom furniture and more in our family owned and operated sleep shop. Offering only the best in safe sleep solutions combined with exemplary customer service and unbeatable prices; our family takes great pride in providing an outstanding shopping experience for those in the Okanagan and beyond.

Your Health & Well-Being
Your Health & Well-Being

is Our Priority

Sleepy’s are not just Kelowna’s premier sleep shop, but more like a health store for you and your family We pride ourselves in promoting sleep and bedding products that are designed for your better health. We offer more green, natural, and organic sleep solutions with sustainable furniture options, and beautiful natural bed linens to top it all off. In our store, we don’t carry toxic memory foam beds, our suppliers use latex/water based adhesives with no formaldehyde, no harmful treatments in our bedding, and when you come into our won’t be exposed to any off-gassing. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your safe space to get away from it all. Your rest and sleep rejuvenates you, you are recharging your body for taking on the next day, and you should be breathing fresh clean air while you sleep. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed – let Sleepy’s sleep consultants show you how you can make a difference, so that the other 2/3’s of your waking hours the best ever.

Locally Made
Locally Made

Is Important

At Sleepy’s, you will notice a strong emphasis on products that are made in BC, Canada, and North America. It is very important to us that the products we offer are locally made with great care. Although we carry very few products made overseas, we do shop the world for innovative, high-quality and clean products. For example, you may find handmade mattresses from England or Organic Latex from India or Malaysia. In any case, all of the mattresses we present are made with clean manufacturing. Unlike big box stores, you will not find any toxic, heat producing memory foam in our mattresses or formaldehyde laden particle board in our bedroom furniture.


The Home of No Body Impressions

Our one-of-a-kind, small shop mattress gallery features many sleep solutions including traditional spring coil mattresses, latex mattresses, specialty mattress toppers and handmade mattresses built the old (better) way. While all of our mattresses will last longer, naturally, our traditional, spring coil mattresses we present are two sided and flippable, a feature not commonly found in other stores.

The Pure Energy Sleep System™

Considered a Class I Registered Medical Device by Health Canada,
the FDA and other countries (EU, Australia, Japan), the Pure Energy mattress
improves sleep quality and regenerates your body while you sleep!
It’s exclusive CellActive Technology™ increases energy & stamina,
controls body temperature, and enhances body vitality.

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Cabinet Bed - A Space Saving Sleep Solution

Convert it from handsome cabinet to comfy bed in less than a minute. Custom made solid wood Cabinet Beds by Night and Day Furniture – Made in BC – Variety of sizes, finishes, hardware, and constructions. 

Easy to use, easy to love.

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