Organic Pure & Natural Wool Mattress Overlay - Reversible

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Wool Mattress Overlay

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Summer/Winter reversible comfy wool padded overlay to increase the comfort of the sleeper and also to enhance your health while sleeping. The organic Australian wool wicks moisture from your body (you lose up to a litre of water every night while you sleep) and releases that moisture into the atmosphere once you get out of bed. This topper acclimatizes to your body temperature and adds nice comfort to your mattress surface.

Clinically proven to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure while sleeping. Wool aids those suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia. Anti-microbial and anti-dust mite for those that suffer from allergies. Cooler in Summer and warmer in the winter. 

One side offers exposed wool and the other side has pure wool quilted under certified organic cotton. Made like a fitted sheet, this overlay will hug your mattress and is easy to add or remove from your bed. Naturally flame resistant and machine washable.

Made in B.C. and has the Sleepy's seal of approval!

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